Tree removal cost

Tree Removal costWhile there is something a little heart-breaking about cutting down a beautiful tree that has seen many seasons, it is sometimes unavoidable. Perhaps it has grown too high and is throwing shade on next door’s garden, the roots have spread too far, wrapping around and damaging underground water pipes, it has been made unsafe by a violent storm, or it has become diseased.

But beware! Whatever the reason you may be Googling ‘tree removal cost near me’, you must first make sure that it is not protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

All types of trees that bring ‘significant amenity benefit to the local area’ are covered with a TPO, which is administered by your local planning authority (LPA). A TPO makes it a criminal offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or wilfully destroy a protected tree, or to cause or permit such actions, without the authority’s permission. You could face a hefty fine if you don’t check with the LPA that your property is not in a conservation area or is not subject to a restrictive covenant that prohibits you from doing anything to detrimentally affect the land. Asking your council is free, why not check first?

If there are no such issues to navigate, our helpful blog will outline the different aspects of tree removal. This includes identifying when it is indeed necessary and which specialists you may need to get the job done right – and safely. Of course, you may have other areas of maintenance concern so we will also take a look at tree trimming cost and tree stump removal cost.

As you’ll already know by now, hiring professional and skilled tradespeople is easy at Find a Craftsman. One simple click here gives you access to a choice of tree surgeons or arborists – specialists in all aspects of tree maintenance and removal and all accredited by The Guild of Master Craftsmen – amongst many other tradespeople local to you. Chop, chop, let’s find out more.

Tree Removal costWhat are the signs of an unhealthy tree?

This can be tricky because not all of the signs are obvious, especially if you are not a seasoned gardener. However, if you spot any of the following, the tree could well be in trouble, and we recommend calling in a tree surgeon to investigate:

  • Fungi (mushrooms) sprouting out of the trunk and around the base
  • Rot
  • Detached or exposed roots
  • Disease symptoms such as shoots that die back from the tip and twigs that bend down in a crooked shape (Dutch elm disease) or ‘canker stain marks’/sunken lesions (Plane wilt)
  • Cavities or noticeable holes indicating bark decay
  • Peeling and flaking bark – as the tree’s ‘skin’, this signals it is starved of the right nutrients essential for growth
  • Dead branches/discoloured leaves
  • Shedding a noticeable number of sticks – a healthy tree has flexible branches and twigs that don’t usually break off
  • Pests such as beetles, ants and termites have moved in and are taking over
  • Appears to be keeling over, unless it has always grown at an angle.

Tree removal cost

If the tree cannot be saved, especially in the case of Chalara Ash Dieback and Dutch elm disease, the latter has wiped out millions of the UK’s trees in the last 40 years, the price of a tree surgeon will vary, depending on factors including:

  • Tree size: In general, the taller the tree, the higher the price.
  • Location: If the tree is in a hard-to-reach spot or you live in London, expect to pay around 30 percent more.
  • Type of ‘surgery’: diseased or hazardous trees can add around £200 to the bill.

The table below gives a rough guide to tree removal cost.

Tree height

Minimum cost

Maximum cost

Up to 7.5m



8m – 15m






Stump Removal costTree trimming and pruning

For trees that are out of control in terms of growing over your property’s wall and blocking the sunlight from your neighbour’s garden (and straining the relationship), a simple trimming or pruning may be all that is needed.

Trimming a tree involves removing weak branches, dead or diseased limbs (known as dead wooding), bark cracks and excessive growth, amongst other tasks. The benefits include a health boost to the tree, a more pleasing appearance and a reduction in the chance of property damage.

Pruning is the most typical type of tree maintenance and landscape trees (such as those in your garden) require regular care to sustain their structural integrity and keep their overall aesthetic or look. While it may be tempting to get ‘snip happy’ with the secateurs, if you don’t have a proper understanding of the tree’s biology, you can cause lasting damage or even cause premature death. Note that again, the costs listed below may rise to a third higher in London.


Cost (including waste removal)

Pruning (apple, fig and pear tree)


Pruning (olive and magnolia tree)


Dead wooding (small tree)


Dead wooding (large tree)


Crown trimming (small tree)


Crown trimming (large tree)


Getting rid of unsightly tree stumps

There are many reasons you may want to remove a tree stump. Is it an eyesore in your otherwise perfectly cultivated garden? Or is it an obstacle in terms of overall maintenance, getting in the way of other areas you need to tend? Did you also know that tree stumps are more vulnerable to catching diseases over time if left to their own devices?

Tree RemovalYou can choose to go down the DIY garden path here, choosing from techniques such as grinding, burning or using chemicals to destroy the remainder of the tree. But if you’re short on time or don’t feel confident about tackling it yourself, hiring a professional might be the better option. Conventional stump removal cost runs from £160–£320, depending on size and accessibility. Grinding works by chipping away at the wood with a rotating cutting disc and industrial-sized versions of this equipment are better for larger stumps. The tree stump removal cost for this technique comes in at between £40 and £255. Both options usually involve the removal of roots.  

Cutting to the chase…..

There are many things to consider when it comes to tree maintenance, as our blog has highlighted. It’s not always as simple as lopping off a branch or two and hoping for the best. And why risk ruining your beloved garden by getting it wrong? As the UK’s most established trade association, The Guild of Master Craftsmen has been proudly representing tradespeople and artisans who have skill, integrity and expertise for over 40 years. At Find a Craftsman, hundreds of reliable, trustworthy and experienced contractors all over the UK are at your fingertips, so it’s super easy to find a specialist tree surgeon who can see the wood from the trees when it comes to the best care and service.

*All prices quoted based on aggregated website figures, 2023.