Electric gates cost

Electric gate costThere are four common reasons you may be researching electric gates cost: enhanced privacy, elevating the aesthetic or look of your property, removing the hassle of getting in and out of your car every time you leave or return, and increased security. And of course, just as electric gates keep people out, they give you peace of mind that your children are safe while playing in the garden or your pets won’t make a sudden dash into a busy road. 

In a nutshell, an electric gate is an entrance gate which can be opened and closed via an electrically powered mechanism. Sounds simple, right? Yes, to a point, but as with any major home improvement projects, there are many factors to consider, especially if you want to keep a tight rein on automatic driveway gates cost.

As well as deciding on how you want the electric gates to function – swinging or sliding, for example – you will need to work out which material is the best choice, striking the right balance between practicality and appearance. Did you also know there are several different motor mechanisms to pick from? Will you require an intercom? And, if security is top of mind – for both home and business – the right CCTV system should be on your radar, too.

Electric gates costsBut before getting further into the nitty gritty, safety must be paramount. If incorrectly installed, electric gates can cause nasty accidents, and in the worst-case scenario, fatalities. That’s why any contractor you approach must be able to prove their compliance with current standards listed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) at hse.gov.uk.

Hiring professional and skilled tradespeople is easy at Find a Craftsman. One simple click here gives you access to a choice of qualified electric gate installers amongst many other tradespeople local to you. Amongst other topics, our blog will take you through automatic driveway gates cost, explain what a ram and swing arm opener is, and flag up some unforeseen problems that may crop up.

Types of electric gates

The table below offers a good starting point, listing types of automatic gates, their pros and cons and ballpark prices, from cheapest to most expensive.


Pros and cons


Swing: A motor, connected to the gate by an articulated ‘arm’ operates the push (open) and pull (close) motion

Suitable for narrow openings

A variety of shapes and sizes


Slopes are problematic

Affected by wind

Starting at £500

Slide: Underside mounted wheels glide along a specially installed track. Can be one single gate or two that meet in the middle

Maximises driveway space

Easily withstands wind

Can be noisier

Requires regular maintenance to keep tracks clear of debris such as leaves

A foundation/drainage system to support the track can push costs up significantly

Starting at £1,100 for gate, plus a motor cost of £800–£1,500, plus drainage

Bifold: Folding-style gates that work well for businesses with constant vehicle traffic, e.g. employee parking lots

Space saving – take up around half the space of a typical gate

Can incorporate the ‘wow’ factor through choice of materials/specific design

High maintenance

Limited size options

Starting at £2,000

Telescopic: Sections overlap when opened but take up less space than the sliding style when not in use. Can only be used on level ground

Strong security, can be controlled by a range of systems


Each section requires a separate track

Starting at £3,000

*Aggregated online sources, 2023   

automatic driveway gates costMotor guide

OK, we know it’s not the most riveting subject, but skipping this section could mean you face expensive call-out fees in the future if the motor goes kaput. For an automatic gate motor price, you’re looking at between £300–£1,800, depending on the type of motor (you will need a higher voltage for higher/heavier gates), and we’ve listed the main examples below.

  • Articulated arm gate motor: A simple and economical solution, powered by a gear kit close by.
  • Ram and swing arm opener motor: Linking to a gate-mounted piston, the pillar-located motor pushes and pulls the gate, opening or closing it.
  • Underground system: Discrete and offering maximum security, this type requires extensive groundwork, reflected its highest price point.
  • Round-the-corner slider motors: If you need to install a curved track to deal with limited space, these are the best option.

Which material to choose?

Accounting for around 70 per cent of the overall cost of the entire project, this guide takes you through a few material-pricing examples. Bear in mind that these figures are for ready-to-go panels. If you are considering a bespoke creation for maximum impact, you should take a look at specialist carpenters and metal workers on Find a Craftsman, all accredited for their skill, integrity and expertise by the Guild of Master Craftsmen. And remember that installation can take anywhere from half a day to a week, depending on complexity and any extra services required (we outline those next).

Material /benefits                       

Size (based on 2 gates)


Softwood: low cost, can be painted

3ft X 7ft


Hardwood: look beautiful ‘bare’, already pressure treated

3ft X 7ft


Metal: durability and longevity

3ft X 7ft


Wrought iron: solid steel construction, modern or period options available

8ft X 6ft


*Source: Feb 23 Homehow.co.uk/Gardengatesdirect.co.uk

Extras checklist

Your chosen Find a Craftsman tradesperson will be able to explain in more detail the specific mechanisms they plan to use for the installation, such as a single underground mechanism or a double ram mechanism. You may also have to find further experts for the following preparatory/added functionality jobs, such as:

  • New driveway – Is your existing access capable of bearing the weight of heavy metal gates? Or will your shiny new gate highlight the areas of disrepair?
  • Special posts/fittings – Standard sizes and shapes might not fit your particular space/requirements. Hopefully, your tradesperson will be able to apply any trade discount to the final quote.
  • Intercom – If you have a steady stream of visitors, a WiFi intercom model is a good addition. It is also a professional must-have for businesses. Prices start from £99.
  • CCTV – For a further deterrent, a multi-camera system can be installed for anything between £350–£1,700. However, there are many self-install options widely available today that might just do the job as well.

We hope that our blog has equipped you with a basic understanding of the aspects involved in electric gates installation and given you the confidence to take the next steps. As the UK’s most established trade association, The Guild of Master Craftsmen has been proudly representing tradespeople and artisans who have skill, integrity and expertise for over 40 years. At Find a Craftsman, hundreds of reliable, trustworthy and experienced contractors all over the UK are at your fingertips, ready to assist with your current property improvement needs.