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Before being accepted into The Guild of Master Craftsmen, all applicants are required to submit references and reviews from satisfied customers. One of the first questions we ask all referees is ‘Would you recommend the tradesman to a relative or close friend?’ If the answer is yes, this is a good primary indicator that the applicant is trustworthy and has recently completed satisfactory workmanship.

The Guild’s council of management then assesses the stability and structure of the applicant’s business and reviews the various supplied references, as well as ensuring all other strict criteria are fulfilled. Only after all these conditions have been met, will the application be approved and the tradesman be designated as a master craftsman who can officially carry our Guild emblem - a sign of quality.

All members of The Guild are thoroughly assessed to earn the title of master craftsman. Once accepted, they are required to maintain our aims and objectives in order to retain membership. In the event of any dispute, The Guild has a proven procedure for conciliation and will actively support its members throughout the process.


Reliability, excellent workmanship and peace of mind

The Guild of Master Craftsmen is the UK’s most established trade association and the majority of our members are modern day craftsmen including plumbers, builders, carpenters, plasterers, electricians and bricklayers. We also represent traditional craftspeople and artisans such as cabinet makers, French polishers, furniture restorers, blacksmiths, thatchers and stonemasons. We are proud to support over 400 different trades, crafts and professions.

All members of The Guild are alerted to the fact that if the quality of their workmanship and customer care drops to an unacceptable level, their membership will be swiftly revoked. This is a policy we strongly uphold and acts as a deterrent to applicants who are not currently confident in their abilities and the levels of service we insist upon.

So, when you employ a member of The Guild you have peace of mind and assurance that your project will be treated with the utmost care, skill and respect.