About us

Guild members

The majority of Guild members are modern day craftsmen such as carpenters, builders, plasterers, plumbers and electricians, through to landscape designers, paving contractors, interior designers, bricklayers and flooring professionals. The Guild also represents traditional craftsmen such as cabinet makers, French polishers, furniture restorers, upholsterers, blacksmiths, thatchers, masons and stoneworkers.

Rated and trustworthy

Whatever their craft, skill or profession, members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen are thoroughly assessed to earn the right to be called master craftsmen. Once accepted, they are required to maintain The Guild’s aims and objectives in order to remain a member. In the event of any dispute. The Guild has a proven procedure for conciliation. This reassures consumers they can trust Guild members.

Promoting quality

The Guild’s website www.findacraftsman.com provides an online platform for local customers to find craftspeople in their area. The Guild helps you promote your excellence to discerning consumers across the digital spectrum. Having your company associated with the Guild brand will help you stand out in your marketplace.

The Guild of Master Craftsmen – a background to Guilds

The Guild of Master Craftsmen continues a great tradition established by the guilds of medieval Europe.

The earliest of these were ‘frith’ or ‘peace’ guilds – groups bonded together for mutual protection following the breakdown of the kins, which were groups related by blood ties. Merchant guilds
– associations of international trades – were powerful in the 12th and 13th centuries, but lost their ascendancy with the rise of the craft guilds – associations of master craftsmen, journeymen, apprentices and other trades affiliated with a particular craft.

Guilds were devoted largely to the regulation of their members’ crafts and endeavoured to support their members’ interests against those of their suppliers and of those in related trades. Undoubtedly there is as much need today for a guild to represent skilled craftspeople as there has ever been.