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If you are seeking advice on improving your home, widening knowledge on work you can undertake yourself or even deciding the next move for you project the Guild has practical advice on our blog below. If you are looking for a Guild member you can use findacraftsman.com or call the Guild on 01273 478449. We look forward to helping you.

Aug 16
Cost of building a Kitchen Extension

The demands of a growing family, a desire to add value to your house, or simply…

Jul 12
Structural Warranties vs Professional Consultants Certificates

If you’re involved with new-build property and houses, you may have questions about…

Jul 12
What is legal completion?

If you’re buying or selling a new-build property, you probably have a long list of…

Apr 26
Successful credit management

It is always better to be proactive when ensuring that your invoices can be paid. In…

Feb 23
A Guide to Subcontractors

If you’re not sure of the difference between a labour-only contractor and a bonafide…

May 04
The Difference Between Latent and Patent Defects?

There are many challenges involved when you buy or build a property. One of these is…

May 04
What is the Difference Between Water Ingress and Water Egress?

Making sense of the difference between water ingress and water egress in a property is…

Apr 27
New Build Snagging

If you move into a new build home, you may expect everything to be perfect. However,…

Apr 27
What Should I Look For When Moving Into a New Home?

So what should I look for when moving into my new home? Moving into a new home is an…