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If you are seeking advice on improving your home, widening knowledge on work you can undertake yourself or even deciding the next move for you project the Guild has practical advice on our blog below. If you are looking for a Guild member you can use findacraftsman.com or call the Guild on 01273 478449. We look forward to helping you.

Nov 29
Driveway cost

A pot-holed, cracked and worn driveway not only risks damaging your car every time you…

Nov 29
What is the cost of a new roof?

It’s the news every homeowner dreads. A property’s roof needs replacing or serious…

Nov 12
Kitchen Fitting Cost

So, you’ve already done the hardest part, right? Buying the kitchen of your dreams has…

Nov 12
Gutter replacement cost

Guttering is an essential aspect of our homes that often slips down the ‘to-do’ list…

Oct 04
Garden design ideas

Is your garden blooming marvellous or overgrown and neglected? If it’s the latter, you…

Oct 04
The Cost of Home Insulation

The government’s recent announcement that it will freeze energy bills until 2024 has…

Aug 16
Cost of building a Kitchen Extension

The demands of a growing family, a desire to add value to your house, or simply…

Jul 12
Structural Warranties vs Professional Consultants Certificates

If you’re involved with new-build property and houses, you may have questions about…

Jul 12
What is legal completion?

If you’re buying or selling a new-build property, you probably have a long list of…