Fitted wardrobe cost

Fitted wardrobe costRight, that’s it. You can’t stand the ugly sight of clothes overflowing from your drawers or the doors on your wardrobe looking like they’re fit to burst for one second longer. Or perhaps your expanding family means that every spare centimetre in your home has to earn its keep. If you can relate to any of these scenarios, you might well be considering how to create more space by replacing your free-standing bedroom furniture with fitted versions.

A survey by Country Properties shows that people within the 18–44 age range are more likely to pay more for a home with built-in storage, so not only will you reap the immediate practical benefits from installing fitted wardrobes, the cost to build a closet, for example, will be reclaimed during any future house-selling move.

But a word to the wise: it’s important to make sure your fitted wardrobe is ‘future proof’. Ask yourself if your current obsession with one particular style is a fleeting love. Be honest or you may quickly regret those bevelled edges or high-gloss finish and wish you’d gone for something more classic and timeless.

The claim by Sharps, one of the UK’s most well-known fitted-wardrobe installers, that you can expect to gain up to 40% more storage space in your bedroom – or indeed any other rooms that have capacity for a built-in cupboard of some description, like the study or laundry – might well be all the enticement you need. But if you’re still mulling over whether to press the start button on the project, this blog will guide you through the whole process, including budget tips, wardrobe storage ideas and approximate calculations for built-in wardrobe cost.

Built in wardrobe costWe will also make it super simple to hire the right skilled professional for the job. One quick click here gives you access to a choice of installation specialists, bespoke wardrobe makers and carpenters, amongst many other tradespeople local to you and all accredited experts by the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

Step right in – 5 reasons to install fitted wardrobes

While the price tag for fitted wardrobes begins at around £1,000, the following plus points should help you to appreciate the return on investment:

  • 1 Incredible versatility: Custom-built fitted wardrobes are built to fit your precise needs. For example, you might need pull-down rails for extra-long items, plenty of compartments for accessories or a clever configuration for shoe storage. It can all be accommodated. And open your mind to other possibilities such as storage headboards or bay windows that can transform into hidden cupboards/drawer space.
  • 2 So long, dead space: Awkward nooks and crannies are magically transformed into further storage options. This is a particular issue in period properties, which can have quirky features such as asymmetrical walls, sloping ceilings, architraves and cornicing.
  • 3 Style it out: Bespoke wardrobes are made from scratch, allowing you to express your creativity freely through the materials, design and finishes you choose. Adding lighting in key areas is also another cool yet practical bonus to consider. ‘Colour drenching’ continues to be a popular trend, essentially using one bold shade to cover every surface in a room, so think about whether the material you select for the built-in wardrobes can be painted with a perfect finish.
  • 4 Easier maintenance: No more straining to dust the top of the wardrobe or trying to fish out clothes stuck down the back of drawers.
  • 5 Timesaving: With every type of clothing in its place, getting ready for the day will be stress-free.

What type of fitted wardrobe?

Most of us are familiar with the large floor-to-ceiling types of built-in wardrobes, but there are several other options. We’ve listed some examples below along with suitable installation spaces.


Good for

Sliding door wardrobe

Compact rooms – you don’t have to factor in clearance space because the doors don’t open outwards. Adding mirrored sliding doors can also create the illusion of a bigger room when the light bounces off the reflective surface.

Corner wardrobe

Anywhere in the home – this versatile option can mould itself to fit a range of shapes. It’s also a clever design hack, essentially altering the perceived
structure of a room.

Walk-in wardrobe

Space to spare – If space-saving isn’t a top concern, you can make your movie star dream a reality with an extravagant walk-in closet. The sky’s the limit in terms of the features you can incorporate here. 

Cost to build a closetLet’s talk budget

So far, we’ve touched on custom-built fitted wardrobes, which is a service offered by companies such as Sharps. The Sharps fitted wardrobe cost is available when you have a consultation and receive a quote for the materials and installation. You can also consider pre-designed cabinets and fittings from a DIY or dedicated wardrobe store if you’re constrained by a tighter budget. However, don’t forget to factor in labour costs if you’re not going to fit them yourself. As a rough rule of thumb, you can expect to pay between £200–£280 for a corner-based fitted wardrobe and between £800–£1,100 for a basic four-door fitted wardrobe.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are obviously one of most expensive choices because they are built from the ground up. In this case, around 70% of the total cost will be the materials used and picking a beautiful solid wood such as oak for example, will nudge up the overall price considerably more than if you choose a cheaper veneered option. But you will then have a fitted wardrobe that is a complete one-off. If you choose one of our trustworthy specialist artisans at Find a Craftsman, you can discuss different options and agree on a daily rate for their fine workmanship, usually around £250.

When choosing your craftsman, do your own due diligence such as asking to see a portfolio of their work – some may even be able to arrange real-life viewings – and read testimonials from previous clients.

A guide to fitted wardrobe cost

These are the general price points for custom-built fitted wardrobes, including installation.

Wardrobe size

Estimated cost

2-door wardrobe

£2,200 – £2,800

3-door wardrobe

£2,800 – £3,600

6-door wardrobe

£4,500 – £5,000

3-section sliding wardrobe

£3,500 – £4,000


£120 – £150 each

Hanging rails

£120 – £150 each

Shoe racks

£100 – £120 each


£160 – £200 each

Motion sensor lighting

Starting at £40


As our blog has outlined, fitted wardrobe cost is a key consideration but there are plenty of other factors to consider. As the UK’s most established trade association, The Guild of Master Craftsmen has been proudly representing tradespeople and artisans who have skill, integrity and expertise for over 40 years. With hundreds of reliable, trustworthy and experienced contractors all over the UK at your fingertips at Find a Craftsman, you can look forward to a smooth, headache-free build from start to finish.