What is the cost of a new roof?

Roofing company near youIt’s the news every homeowner dreads. A property’s roof needs replacing or serious repair work. Gulp. According to most roofing experts, a standard roof has an average lifespan of between 20–25, depending on the type of covering used and the quality of workmanship during the original installation.

When you consider the role a roof plays – it protects a home from all the elements after all – it’s not surprising that replacing one can come with a hefty price tag. The UK national average new roof cost is around £5,500 but this a ballpark figure. Before your anxiety goes through the metaphorical roof, we will set out the process and costs associated with this major investment.

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Signs that your roof needs serious attention

Some property issues are non-urgent but structural problems such as a damaged roof need action immediately. If any of the following apply to your property, it’s time to call in the professionals:

Water damage

This is perhaps the most obvious giveaway; a growing stain on ceilings or sliding damp marks down interior walls. If you can access the loft, see if you can locate where the leak originates and temporarily use a bucket to catch the water.

Light streaming into the attic

Broken or missing roof tiles could be the culprits here.

Misshapen patches

Structural sagging can be easily visible from the outside, along with sunken or missing tiles.

Roofing company near meDislodged/deteriorated ‘flashing’

Roof flashing is the thin layer of metal protection installed to direct water away from vulnerable areas, such as chimneys, walls and any roof valleys. Aluminium, steel or copper are the most common types of flashing and in some cases, can be reused if a new roof is needed.

Extreme moss growth

While moss is natural, it acts like a sponge, holding rainwater that will eventually dislodge tiles or shingles and infiltrate the inner structure of the roof. It’s an area often overlooked but it can greatly reduce a roof’s lifespan.

Rotten/damaged underlay

This is a sure sign that the roof is no longer watertight.

Roof replacement cost

The size and shape of the roof will determine exact costs, plus the type of materials used, for example, a basic flat roof replacement cost will be significantly lower than a complex Mansard roof replacement (common on terraced Victorian and Georgian properties). The table below gives a rough starting point for a new roof cost.

Roof type

Estimated costs

Gable (two sloping roof planes meet at the ridge)


Hip (four sides, sloping towards the ridge)




Mansard (common on terraced Victorian and Georgian properties)




*Source: Homehow.co.uk

Reroofing cost: extras

The figures above are a basic guide and there may be additional expenses to consider. Professionals you select from Find a Craftsman will be able to give you a full quote, highlighting these, which may include:



Scaffold hire


Removal of existing roof (inc. skip hire)


New roof frame


Tiled roof (inc. membrane)




New soffits and fascias (the boards that cover between the edge of the roof and the top of the exterior walls)


New guttering


*Source: Roofingassociation.co.uk

Which materials to consider?

There’s a wide range of choices available for a new roof’s outer shell. Below we outline some options, along with their pros and cons to help your decision-making.




Slate tiles

150 year+ lifespan

Easy match with most properties

Rot resistant


Time-consuming installation

Asphalt shingles


50-year lifespan

Prone to weather damage, particularly high winds and freezing temperatures

Rubber tiles


50–150-year lifespan

Inexpensive to buy and install

Not fire resistant

Distinct ‘rubber’ smell

Clay tiles

Low water absorbency

Wide range of colours

• Aesthetically pleasing

• Wind resistant, non-fading

• Tricky to install

• Brittle/prone to cracking if stood on

3 tips to reduce new roof cost

Unless you have serious DIY skills, this is not a renovation you should try to tackle yourself. However, there are some initial steps you can take to help rein in the budget.

  1. Arm yourself with knowledge on the subject. What equipment, materials and stages are required? Understanding what a roof replacement entails will allow you to drill down into a quote and negotiate if needed.
  2. Ideally, the best period in a year for a roof replacement is between March to September, when roofers are generally not flat-out with winter emergencies. Therefore, labour costs should be lower.
  3. Before committing to a roof replacement, get three different quotes from contractors. This may also help you to establish whether the roof can actually be repaired rather then replaced.

Roofers near meWhy a new roof cost is a solid long-term investment

And now for the good news. The initial outlay may make you smart, but there are some strong benefits, including:

Increased property value

If you’re thinking of putting the property on the market, a new roof can boost the asking price considerably. In fact, some estimates suggest that in combination with other money-saving benefits (some listed below), resale can contribute to an impressive 60–70% ROI (return on investment). A smart roof also ups kerb-side appeal.

Lower energy bills

In the current climate, we’re all looking at ways to cut outgoings. By law, if you have more than 50% repairs to the roof, you must increase loft insulation to a minimum of 270mm thick – this will naturally keep more warm air in and reduce energy bills. Plump for a dark coloured roof in cold climates as it has stronger heat absorption properties.

Fire safety

Roofers today use much better materials, including fire-proofing techniques not available previously. Legal requirements for new roofs include easily accessible escape routes, such as skylights, and fire-retardant materials slow down the spread of a fire.

Solar panel installation

If you’ve been mulling over whether to add solar panels to your home, a newly built roof has the strength capacity to support the weight of these environmental energy generators. The investment can take up to 10 years to break even, but according to energysage.com, a 30-panel system can produce more than enough electricity annually to power your property.

Ready to put a new roof over your head?

As our blog has highlighted, the cost of a roof replacement represents a major investment and one that should be carefully considered. As the UK’s most established trade association, The Guild of Master Craftsmen has been proudly representing tradespeople and artisans who have skill, integrity and expertise for over 40 years. At Find a Craftsman, hundreds of reliable, trustworthy and experienced contractors all over the UK are at your fingertips. Simply select two or three tradespeople, compare quotes, experience and testimonials, and banish that leaky, troublesome roof forever.