Seeking a specialist trade?

Seeking a specialist trade?

Advice for those seeking a specialist trade

The Guild of Master Craftsmen can help you if you are looking for a tradesman or artisan who specialises in a traditional craft or profession. You might be looking for a craftsman to restore furniture, repair a thatched roof, mend a clock, or sort out dry rot. Whatever the specialist trade, The Guild of Master Craftsmen can help you find an experienced local tradesmen – from silversmiths, cabinet makers, French polishers and antique restorers to thatchers, blacksmiths, stonemasons and sash window experts.

As the UK’s most established trade association, The Guild represents over 400 trades and professions. The Guild of Master Craftsmen undertakes rigorous vetting of all its members before they are allowed to join and display The Guild emblem – a sign of quality. Only the very best recommended tradesman in their chosen field are accepted and standards are extremely high. Once accepted, members are required to maintain The Guild’s aims and objectives or membership will be revoked. In the event of any dispute, The Guild has a proven procedure for conciliation.

By choosing to use a Guild of Master Craftsmen approved tradesman, you can be assured of professional expertise, integrity and a commitment to high standards and therefore value for money and peace of mind.

When your project requires a reliable tradesman who is a true craftsman – go to www.findacraftsman.com and search for a member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen.

If you require any further information about the specialist trades and tradespeople we represent, please contact us here.