How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost?

Here, we discuss the average cost of a boiler service in the UK. Whatever the boiler, you’ll find the average service cost here.  Here are some thoughts.

Why Should You Service Your Boiler? 

Regularly servicing your boiler is essential if you want to avoid the high costs of having to arrange to fit a replacement if your current boiler completely breaks down. In order to keep your boiler in good working order for a longer period of time, it is important to resolve any small issues before they become bigger problems – which will lead to a bigger payout to fix. 

If your domestic boiler does completely break due to poor maintenance, you will be facing a bill for more than £2000 to get a brand new one fitted; and that’s for a lower-end boiler. If you have a larger property or an oil boiler, the installation could cost even more; spiraling beyond £4000. 

Types of Boiler

There are two main types of boiler:

Conventional boilers:

These boilers are typically found in a loft. They use a storage tank and cast iron heat exchangers within the tank in order to heat up the water. These boilers supply a lot of hot water, however, you’ll have to wait for the heat exchangers to heat up again if the water runs out. 

Combination / Combi Boilers:

These boilers are normally found in a kitchen. They access water directly from the mains supply, meaning that they don’t have a storage tank. Because of this, they are a lot smaller than conventional boilers. 

Luckily, by regularly performing boiler checks and having your boiler maintenance and serviced, you can avoid these extortionate costs. It may seem like an inconvenience, or a lot of effort on your part, at the time; but regular boiler servicing is the most cost-effective way to ensure you don’t have to fork out extremely high costs to replace the entire unit. 

When Should You Get a Boiler Service?

Below is a list of problems that should require your boiler to be serviced or repaired:

  • You aren’t getting any hot water
  • Your pilot light won’t turn back on
  • The boiler’s thermostat is not responding
  • Your boiler switches off more frequently than before
  • Your radiators are producing little to no heat
  • There is an unusual noise coming from your boiler
  • You think there are safety issues with your boiler
  • Your bills are higher than usual

How Much Does a Gas Boiler Service Cost?

The price of your gas boiler service will vary depending on where in the country you are. Boilers in London will be at the higher end of the cost spectrum than Bristol, for example. In order to make the journey of the gas boiler technician more cost-effective, you could have your other gas appliances bundled in with your boiler service cost. A service of a boiler, gas fire and hob is likely to be in the £100-£125 range.

Opting for just a boiler service should cost £80-£110, again depending on where in the country you are. A boiler service will include a full inspection, cleaning out a magnetic system filter – if you have one, as well as flue gas tests in case of toxic fumes. 

If you want your gas boiler serviced by a top-quality engineer, our experienced and qualified engineers from the Guild of Master Craftsmen will be able to help.

How Much Does an Oil Boiler Service Cost?

It is recommended that you complete your boiler servicing annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer in order to ensure the highest quality services from your engineer and for your boiler. Typically, the cost of an oil boiler can cost between £60 – £200, however, the cost of an oil boiler service can be offset by ensuring your boiler remains as energy-efficient as possible. 

By ensuring a good energy efficiency with your boiler, you will save money on fuel costs. For example, a build-up of dust, soot or debris in the boiler can reduce your boiler’s efficiency, which means that more oil will need to be burnt in order to achieve the same level of heating. Regular servicing will ensure that this issue can be identified and resolved.

If your oil boiler needs servicing, you can find experienced and qualified engineers from the Guild of Master Craftsmen in our plumbing category here. 

How Much Does a Gas Combi Boiler Service Cost?

On average, the price of a combi boiler service is around £72, although the work required can cost anywhere between £60 and £100. Large national firms tend to charge around 25 to 50% more for a boiler service than local businesses, which is why choosing our expert engineers from The Guild of Master Craftsmen is a great choice for any of your boiler needs. Combi boilers do tend to be less prone to breakdowns when compared to gas and oil boilers, so service costs should be cheaper in the long run.

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Does the Cost Vary for Worcester, Baxi, Vaillant & Other Branded Boilers? 

Almost every boiler takes a similar time to service, so there shouldn’t be an increased cost for owning a certain brand or model of boiler. Most boiler manufacturers have their own dedicated installation teams, however these do tend to be far more expensive, and often bundle their service with extended warranties and boiler cover that you might not actually need. 

Rather than being given an overly expensive service, with additional services that you don’t require tacked on, why not choose one of our fully qualified boiler technicians at Find a Craftsman? 

What are common boiler brands that require servicing?

  • Worcester 
  • Baxi 
  • Vaillant 
  • Biasi 
  • Potterton 
  • NPower 
  • Ideal
  • And more 

If you want your boiler serviced by top-quality engineers, our experienced and qualified engineers from the Guild of Master Craftsmen will be more than happy to help. You can head over to our plumbing section to find a boiler service near you.