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  • James Dick
    5 October 2023 at 11 PM

    Thank-you for all your hard work building my kitchen and replastering/repainting two (of my three) bedrooms – the kitchen is brilliant and the bedrooms are looking great too. Still yet to use the oven for the first time, but everything else in the kitchen works well.

    Perhaps a few of the finer details of the work processes weren’t fully explained to me as the work went along, but the end result is first class by any standards.

    My only criticism might be the estimated timings, and my expectations of when the work might finish not being as clear as they might have been. My close friend Fi, who will soon be moving into the upstairs bedroom which has now been fully redone (the plastering/painting of it by yourselves of course), is very sensitive to dust and mess – and so I had to clean up as much as possible any time she came round while the works were in progress. It was inevitable that some stages of the work were going to involve a lot of dust and mess – but that was well managed between us to the best of our ability – and was helped also considerably by our deep cleaning contractor Fraser Ramsay who cleaned up thoroughly near and at the end (and a bit in the middle too). With regard to the timings, the unexpected additional issues with the plumbing which arose late on added a week or so to the original estimated timing of (about) three and a half weeks; and attention to detail with the kitchen fitting/decorating itself accounted for the rest – total time taken in the end was six weeks from start to finish. I underestimated in particular how long the detailed aspects of the fitting would take to ensure the best level of quality for the final kitchen; and of course (like yourselves) was taken by surprise by the unexpected plumbing problems which arose late on and needed to be sorted quickly, to ensure historic plumbing issues in the house didn’t adversely affect the new kitchen in the future!

    I’ll know for next time not to expect any project you undertake for me (or anyone else I know) to be done quickly if that means not doing it well and to the high level of quality expected!! At the end of day quality and long term reliability are always much more important than speed.

    Thanks again for the kitchen and bedrooms refurbishments, and look forward to the loft conversion being done soon too (hopefully well before Christmas).

    Jamie Dick (6 Allermuir Road, Colinton, Edinburgh EH13 0HE).

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