dB Soundproofing (London) Ltd

It's not unusual to hear your neighbours shouting, or to be disturbed by loud noises. Our Soundproofing Solutions can offer a significant improvement if you are disturbed by the noise of a television or a simple conversation. By reducing the amount of noise pollution you suffer we could also reduce the noisier elements you might suffer from. Call dB Soundproofing for your sound insulation solutions.

    • Previous Customer Feedback
      13/02/2002 at 12:00 am
      5 /5

      A previous customer had works carried out by this company and submitted a Feedback Form by post:

      Brief Description of Work Done – Installed panels to bedroom walls

      They rated them as follows:

      Keeping to Stated Timings – Excellent
      Quality of the Work – Excellent
      Explanation of the Work – Excellent
      Cleanliness and Tidiness – Excellent

      Keeping to Stated Timings


      Quality of the Work


      Explanation of the Work


      Cleanliness and Tidiness


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