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Why Choose the Guild of Master Craftsman for Builders in Surrey?

Builders in SurreyThe Guild of Master Craftsmen is the oldest directory of tradesmen in the UK. Our members are experts in their field and have made it through our strict vetting process. To be a member of the Guild of master Craftsmen our builders in Surrey are required to provide proof of their expertise, which includes any qualifications necessary to undertake the work they are quoting for. We also require testimonials from customers that have experienced working with the company or tradesmen before.

Whatever project you have that requires a builder in Surrey, you can rest assured a Guild of Master Craftsmen member will provide a high level service.

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Things to Look for When Selecting a Builder in Surrey

Building is a broad term within the construction industry and a builder can cover multiple trades. You may be looking for a builder in Surrey to add a new extension to your house, or you may want to convert your garage into an extra room. An experienced builder will be able to handle these type of projects for you and provide a detailed quoate along with recommendations from previous customers.

No matter the project you require, you should always check with the builder to see if they have undertaken that specific type of work before. If they have, they will be able to provide references and let you know exactly what will be involved. Here are some questions which are good to ask a builder before hiring them to complete any work on your property:

Have they completed a project similar to your requirements?

This is an obvious question, but because building is such a broad term, they may be experienced in different type of building projects than the specific job you require. Ask them if they completed a project the same as yours and whether they would be confident in taking on your job.

Are they qualified to take on your job?

If your project requires brick laying, or foundation work, or even any plumbing or carpentry, ask the builder if they and members of their team have the relevant qualifications. Not all builders have completed qualifications for their trade and if they haven't then it is up to you whether you trust them to take on the job. If they do have nationally recognised qualifications, then at least you know they are qualified to take on the work involved.

Can They provide Photos/References from previous Jobs?

A builder will be expecting to provide references for previous work, and this is the best way to put your mind at ease on whether they are capable of completing the project. Ask for references and feel free to follow up and check the references yourself. A building project could take months and you want to ensure you have the right team for the job.