Find a craftsman in your area...

Find a crafts man in your area...

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Find a skilled tradesman

Applicants for The Guild of Master Craftsmen are required to submit references from satisfied customers. One of the first questions asked of all referees is whether or not they would be prepared to recommend the applicant to a relative or close friend.

The Guild's council of management looks at the business stability of the applicant, the business structure and includes a review of the references when considering the application, as well as ensuring all other criteria are met. Only when they are satisfied that the applicant really does deserve to be called a master craftsman is the application approved.

Reliability and peace of mind

The Guild of Master Craftsmen is the UK’s most established trade association. The majority of members are modern day craftsmen – including carpenters, builders, roofers, plumbers, electricians, landscape gardeners, interior designers and flooring professionals. The Guild also represents traditional craftspeople such as cabinet makers, French polishers, furniture restorers, blacksmiths, thatchers and stonemasons. Over 400 trades, crafts and professions are represented.

All members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen are very aware that if their quality of work and service fails to a level that is unacceptable then their membership can be withdrawn. This is a major criteria and acts as a deterrent to those who are not confident in their ability to be accepted as members and to maintain the quality of service that we insist as standard.

In summary, what you get from employing a member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen is peace of mind, an enviable quality in today's world.